The King Abdicates

The King Abdicates

Sadly we have to report that the GravelKing has decided to abbdicate.

In a shock decision in August 2017 The King of Gravel has decided to abbdicate. He is quoted as saying he could "no longer fulfil his obligations to the public" It is belived that the stess of providing a top knotch service at the lowest possible price was to much for the king.


The GravelKing has asked his people to remember the quality and price that he was so proud of.

It is belived the king has moved to a house in the cheshire country side where he enjoys walking his beloved dogs and fishing.

In the latest news:

King denies rumours of a comeback

The gravelking himself was seen editing his webpage and then sweeping out loading bays at his former place of business.  When interviewed he strenuously denied that several trucks that had been seen heading to the quarry were untrue and any thoughts of a return to the heady hieghts of the last decade were complete speculation and unfounded.